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​Westfield Services is a specialty insurance agency and services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. They provide a variety of services for insurance agencies nationally.

A former employee said "The role itself gives you a lot of authority being licensed to be able to jump in and problem solve unique situations. No 2 days are the same in insurance and this goes for your experience at Westfield Specialty Brokerage Services too. Nothing is consistent, especially the pay. The morale in the office is very poor and there is absolutely no room for growth. It has stood out at being set aside from typical call centers, but the leadership seems to be focused on leaning that way with a new developed phone system. Breaks are discouraged even to the restroom. Consulting with upper staff who are considered specialists is frowned upon and is looked at as caddy-social relationships. There are 2 leaders specifically that are the least unengaged employees in the office and have yet to provide any incentive to keep motivation high and effort to working there. They do offer 401.k and pension, but I think they should start focusing on Employee Retention and how to actually promote the work place as a positive place to work to help employees maintain happiness, drive, work ethic and likelihood to stick around for the great benefits. Smh. Leadership by far is the most negative thing about this job because with how they evaluate your performance determines your pay. Another thing - when your "leader" discourages you away from good customer service which helps keep the customer with Westfield - that's discouraging and a jab at a good personality. Westfield recently lost 5 employees over 3 weeks due to Poor Leadership & Negative Work Place Morale. Benefits are NOT worth it."


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